about us

Music is the language of the heart

The McCarthy family consists of Kari, Brendan and their three daughters Celina, Alena and Alisa. 
Kari and Brendan met in Norway in the year 1993 and were married after two years. Both had been performing music in their own fields, Kari in gospel, Norwegian folk songs and modern and Brendan mostly modern and Irish. They both liked each others style and soon were performing together and have been performing ever since. It was a wonderful gift that they were given three daughters all with similar musical talents.The McCarthy family now performs around Switzerland and Europe.

What to expect from the McCarthy's

The McCarthy's believe each Wedding ,birthday party or concert is unique event with different audiences. Sure they have a basic repertoire which they know the clients enjoy but each performance is a different ballgame and because of many years of experience they are able to ensure that the performance will have a pretty good chance of being a success. The McCarthy's music consists of many modern songs mixed with oldies, gospels, a touch of Jazz and many Irish Jigs and ballads.
The McCarthy's love people and love to make them happy. There is more pleasure in giving than taking and they try to bring this through in every performance.



Celina was born in 1996. She did her first performance when she was three yrs old in Zermatt. Since then she has frequently sung with the family on different occasions. She is a great singer and decorates songs with her beautiful harmonys. She also plays the Irish whistle and loves music and is very talented in arranging songs.


Alena was born in1998 and loves to  compose songs on the piano. She, like her sisters, is very musical and has a lovely singing voice. She is an important part of the McCarthy family singers. She is also talented in graphics and photography and does the websites and promotion. 


Alisa was born in 2007.She is a strong addition to the McCarthy family with her violin, dancing , singing, composing and acting. She is hoping to make a profession in this field and composes and arranges her own songs for You tube. Check out her latest video below.

Alisa McCarthy's latest video "I'm not sorry" 

The "McCarthy family's" newest project

2020 is a big year for the McCarthy's as they are working on putting together their new Celtic come Irish Show. For those of you who love Irish music, the jigs, the reels and the sounds of singers like the Celtic woman this is going to be a real treat. The show is planned to be performed around Switzerland and hopefully will be finished next year.